Winter holidays in Zernez, that’s how holidays could look like

Welcome to the beautiful Engadine!

The community of Zernez with its fractions Brail, Susch, and Lavin may not look like typical winter holiday destinations at first sight. The central location between the famous winter sports resorts St. Moritz, Scuol, and Livigno offers our guests a variety of offerings that can be reached easily and quickly by public transport.

Ski area presentation


Motta Naluns – Scuol
The ski resort Motta Naluns is located at 1250 to 2785 meters above sea level. With its 80 kilometers of prepared slopes and twelve lifts, Motta Naluns is one of the medium-sized ski resorts in Switzerland. Most of the descents are easy to medium difficulty. The difficult descents are mainly on the Mot da Ri and in the area of the Salaniva chairlift. Highlight is the ten-kilometer-long “dream piste” down to Sent.


Corviglia/Piz Nair (St. Moritz)/Corvatsch (Silvaplana)/ Diavolezza/Lagalb (Pontresina) and Zuoz
Snowy slopes that sparkle in the sun and a wide valley that enchants with its fascinating beauty. In short: a true paradise for skiers and snowboarders. The four large ski areas Corviglia/Piz Nair, Corvatsch, Diavolezza/Lagalb, and Zuoz as well as five smaller ski resorts, offer winter sports enthusiasts a total of 88 fantastic ski slopes (located at 1870 to 3303 meters above sea level).


Gentle hills, untouched nature, and a lot of sunshine. From the end of November to the beginning of May you can go skiing in Livigno: 115km of slopes of varying levels of difficulty; 1,800 to 2,900 meters above sea level; 12 black slopes, including the exciting run called “Giorgio Rocco”; and 37 red and 29 blue slopes. The ski resort offers many modern lifts including six gondolas, 13 chairlifts, and 11 ski lifts on both sides of the mountain. Due to the hourly transport of 47,300 people, there are virtually no waiting times.

Cross-country skiing in the Engadine!
Untouched nature and picturesque villages surround the trails of the National Park region. In the Lower Engadine the trails are about 70 kilometers. Two promising high-altitude trails and several valley trails along the Inn with optional loops offer the right terrain for everyone. Each entry or exit point is easily available by bus, train, or mountain railway. Val Müstair, hometown of the top athletes Gianluca and Dario Cologna, is especially focused on cross-country skiing. From the basic infrastructure, to specialized providers, to events, everything is about Nordic winter sports. Whether the elegant classic style or the dynamic skating technique – on the perfectly prepared cross-country trails Nordic skiing can be experienced in its own dimension.

Cross-country skiing tips:

Zernez circular trail:
Starting point: Zernez, Cross-Country Skiing Center

Places along the route: Zernez Cross-Country Skiing Center – Saglias Lungias – God da Foppas – Lingin – Mantè – Saglias Lungias – Zernez Cross-Country Skiing Center

Description: The approx. 9 kilometer circular trail is the perfect training route. In addition to the circular trail, the well-groomed trails lead from Zernez to S-chanf in the Upper Engadine or to Susch.

After cross-country skiing, we recommend visiting the new family and leisure indoor swimming pool and the reopened National Park Center.

The marathon course:
Starting point: Maloja, Kulm
Places along the route: Maloja – Segl/Sils – Lej da Silvaplana – Surlej – St. Moritz – Lej da Staz – Pontresina – Samedan – Bever – La Punt Chamues – Zuoz – S-chanf
Description: On this original marathon course you can get ready for the big fun run which takes place every year on the second weekend in March. On an almost completely flat stretch over the frozen lakes, the 42 kilometers are easy to handle. The trail starts in Maloja and runs over the frozen lakes in the Engadine (i.e., Lake Silser, Lake Silvaplaner, and Lake Champfèrer) all the way to the Stazerwald in Pontresina. After that the trail passes the airfield, Bever, and S-chanf.

Level of difficulty: medium

Technique: skating and classic

Val Bever – Spinas:
Starting point: Bever, at the train station

Places along the route: Bever – Resgia – Zaffuns – Spinas

Description: Along the RhB route, the trail gently winds up to Spinas in Val Bever. There you can enjoy the fascinating fairy tale scenery of Bever. At the turning point, you will find a cozy restaurant for a well-earned rest before heading back to Bever.

Level of difficulty: medium

Technique: skating and classic

Starting point: Pontresina, Cross-Country Skiing Center

Places along the route: Pontresina – Acla Colani – Alp Prüma – Alp Seguonda – Roseg

Description: A trip to the Rosegtal is worthwhile it. The route is ideal for classic runners. The trail continues to rise until the Hotel/Restaurant Roseg Glacier. From this point on a light circular trail leads to the Roseg Glacier.

Attention: Level of difficulty: medium

Technique: classic

About 30 kilometers of trails run through the open and sun-kissed high valley around Livigno. The routes are suitable for both classic cross-country skiers and skaters. No matter which trail or style you choose, one thing is clear: Nordic winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy beautiful landscapes, fresh air, and a restful peace in and around Livigno.

Carriage rides

Val Roseg
A few horsepower are enough, and you are – wrapped in thick skins – on the way to the Hotel Roseg Glacier in the back of Val Roseg. You could also walk the seven-kilometer path by feet, but a bit of romance fits well with the winter magic of Val Roseg. There you will enjoy an amazing view on the surrounding glaciers and snow-capped peaks of the imposing Bernina massif. By the way: The large dessert buffet of the restaurant Roseg Glacier is irresistible.

For further information, please see:

Val Fex
It smells after horse, the hooves are cozy rattling, and the ride goes further to the wonderful wild side valley: A carriage ride to Val Fex is one of the most romantic experiences in and around St. Moritz. On the village square in Sils, carriage and pairs are ready to drive to Platta, Crasta, or all the way up to the Hotel Fex. And of course also back – whereby the magnificent landscape is also suitable as a backdrop for a walk.
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Val Bever
Snow crystals sparkle and shine in the bright sunlight. The mountains and tress are covered with snow. Enjoy a carriage ride to Val Bever/Spinas – cuddled in warm blankets. One of the most pleasant and romantic ways to enjoy the white fairy tale landscape of the Engadine.
Snowshoeing with expert guidance

We recommend:
Roman Gross, Zernez
Robert Giacometti, Zernez

Winter hiking trails

Philosophers Way – Muottas Muragl
After riding to the mountain station Muottas Muragl by cable car you will have an amazing view over the Upper Engadine with its frozen lake district from St. Moritz to Maloja. From there you can see Piz Rosatsch, Piz Tschierva, and Piz Bernina – with its 4049m the highest mountain in the Engadine. In the mountain restaurant you can warm up before tackling the purple-marked winter hiking trail.

Following the footprints of great philosophers, you will first walk along the slope and then in a big loop up to Val Muragl. The way is excellently prepared; high poles with reflectors make the path easily recognizable even in fog. Three rounds of different lengths exist – the longest round takes about 3 hours.

Back at the mountain station Muottas Muragl, you could strengthen yourself for a second time. After that you can use either the cable car or rented sled to get down to Punt Muragl.

Pontresina – Morteratsch
In Pontresina, the glaciers seem to be very close. One of those is easily accessible via one hour walk from the train station Morteratsch. From there the Glacier Way Morteratsch will lead you straight to the glacier tongue of the third longest glacier in the Eastern Alps. On the way, 16 stops inform about the retreat of the Morteratsch Glacier and about its mysterious life.

Val Roseg
The car-free Val Roseg is so quiet that chamois and deer leave the forest to observe the pedestrians, for those an idyllic winter trail have been created.

The easy hike through the dreamy valley leads to the restaurant Roseg Glacier which is known for its regional specialties – and famous for its legendary dessert buffet. There is also a «taxi rank» with horse-drawn sleighs – for those who want to crown the romantic experience in Val Roseg.

Further possibilities can be found on the Interactive Map: Winter walking paths and toboggan runs

Bobsleigh races
The Olympic Bob Run St. Moritz – Celerina is the world’s oldest bobsleigh track and the only natural channel where still international races take place. Within its 125-year history, two Olympic Winter Games and 24 World Championships have been held there.

Speed: 130 km/h; centrifugal force: 4.5 G; fun factor: maximum. A guest ride on the bobsleigh track in St. Moritz offers 75 seconds of pure adrenaline. Anyone who thunders down the only natural bobsleigh track in the world will be tested in the legendary “Horseshoe” curve – and will be awarded with a diploma afterwards. With a healthy heart, any adventurous person can get involved in this speed-fun. Depending on the weather, guest rides are almost offered on a daily basis during the winter season – from late December to early March.

Reservations can be made at the secretariat of the Olympic Bob Run St. Moritz – Celerina or online.


It must have been one of the first Scottish winter guests who send four curling stones to tourism pioneer Johannes Badrutt in St. Moritz. He was looking for alternative winter activities for his hotel guests and soon he had so many «bed bottles» that the game could have been started in 1880. The Engadine has remained an excellent place for trainings and competitions: Freezing ice guarantee and numerous curling clubs that take care of the correct surface. If you would like to test the team sport you can book a trail lessons – and who knows, probably you get inspired by the spirit of curling too.

You can play curling at:
Kulm Chesa al Parc
Ice rink Roseg Pontresina
Ice rink Celerina
Ice rink La Pun


Pure winter fun!

Do you want to experience a winter driving training in the snow? Experience how your car behaves in a slalom on snow and ice and which delays occur at full braking against dry roads. It is about simply having fun on the snow with enough safety zones!

Daily program

Traffic education, active/passive safety, driving physics, drive concepts

Practical exercises:
Handling course, steering technology, braking technology in emergency situations, experience of self-steering behavior (understeering, natural, oversteering), braking/evasion, emergency lane change, experience of benefits of electronic driving

• Get to know the physical fundamentals
• Learn the possibilities of vehicle and driver
• Sensitization of the sense of traffic

We are happy to offer exclusive events for groups, companies, and associations. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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