bun da savair d’ingionder chi vegn

From the organic farm

Pauraria Chasuot

The history of our organic farm stretches as far back as that of our hotel, to the year 1905. Our farm “Pauraria Chasuot” was one of Engadin’s first organic farms. The topic of sustainability has always been our focus. And the reason why the farm is equipped with its own hydroelectric station to generate power.

Farmer and hotelier Christina Patscheider is passionate about working the land. His Angus cattle are his great love. There are 25 Angus cows and their calves plus one bull in his herd of suckler cows. They spend the summer out on the Sarsura alpine pastures and return in winter to the pen on the farm Pauraria Chasuot.

It goes without saying that the meat from our Angus livestock is used exclusively in our own restaurant.


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