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The history of Hotel Baer & Post

How quickly time passes...


Christian Monsch was responsible for bringing the Baer & Post to our family in 1905.


The construction of the railroad and the foundation of the Swiss National Park caused a huge boom in the entire region.


Christian Monsch passed away, and his wife Paulina continued running the establishment. His son Richard and his sister ran the farm and the hotel business, while his wife and mother managed the hotel kitchen.


The first major renovation was carried out.


The son Richard Monsch and his wife Olga purchased the Bezzola house adjacent to the inner courtyard, which enabled the hotel to expand.


Richard and Olga’s youngest daughter, Christa Monsch, married Fritz Patscheider from South Tyrol. Together they took over the hotel business in the late 1970s.
In the years thereafter, the building was rebuilt, expanded, and renovated. The farm was also relocated to Chasuot during this period. There they built a new farmhouse with its own hydroelectric power station. This paved the way for one of the first organic farming businesses in Engadin.


The old hotel wing, now Chasa Principala, underwent major renovation and expansion that year.


A state-of-the-art eco-friendly heating system that uses wood chippings replaced the oil-fired heater in the hotel in 1996 and in Chasa Posta Veglia in 2005.


Christian and his wife Andrea took over the family business and run it to this day.

“Continuous change does not rule out tradition.”


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