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Car and motorcycle tours in Engadin

The thrill of the airstream

The breathtaking beauty of Engadin can be explored not only while hiking, but also on two or four wheels with lots of horsepower. Drive by historic villages and over impressive high mountain passes by car or bike.

The passes of Engadin

Winding roads betwixt majestic mountains

Engadin is surrounded by some of the most beautiful passes in the Alps, which make the hearts of drivers race faster. The Ofen Pass, Maloja Pass, Bernina Pass, Julier Pass, and Flüela Pass are just a few examples of the windy roads leading through the majestic mountain landscape. Enjoy stunning views while ascending switchbacks and then stopping for a break in the charming mountain villages.

Made easy for drivers and motorcyclists

Hotel Baer & Post

Whether Hotel Baer & Post is your starting point, a stop along the way, or the destination, we look forward to seeing you and your impressive vehicles. A large, free parking lot with two evpass charging stations is located directly behind our hotel. The perfect refreshment after a long trip awaits you in our Plazza or restaurant.

Our tour tips:

Warm-up tour

Zernez—Susch—Flüela Pass—Davos—Bergün—Albula Pass—La Punt—Zernez
Driving time: approx. 2 hr/98 km

From the hotel, the tour ascends to the Flüela Pass via Susch. Two small mountain lakes with a cozy restaurant await you at the pass. The ideal place to take a few commemorative photos of this tour. The trip continues onward to Davos, past shops, mountain railways, and hotels toward Landwasser Valley and Tiefencastel. The turnoff to the Albula Pass is taken just before Tiefencastel. The village of Bergün, a picturesque tourist village in the mountains that still has its original homes, is located at the start of the pass. Bergün is the perfect place to take a nice lunchtime break and walk through the romantic village. The road then continues toward Albula Hospiz. This section of the mountain pass is used as a toboggan run in the winter. We then travel past the Rhaetian Railway’s many buildings and its numerous loop tunnels before arriving at the Albula Pass after a short drive. This is the next stop with a splendid panorama for you to take pictures of. Engadin is literally at your feet way up here in the mountains. Now it’s time for us to make our way back down to Engadin and to the starting point of our circular tour, Hotel Baer & Post, via La Punt.

Adventure tour

Zernez—Ofen Pass—Umbrail—Stelvio (South)—Bormio—Livigno—Zernez
Driving time: approx. 3 hr/125 km

The tour starts at the hotel heading toward the Ofen Pass. Via a beautiful mountain road that partially runs through the Swiss National Park, we reach Süsom Givè, the highest point of the Ofen Pass, after a short drive. This is the perfect stop to take a vacation snapshot or have your first coffee perhaps? The road then descends into Val Müstair all the way to Santa Maria. A road sign right after the bottleneck pass points you in the direction of the Umbrail Pass. An adventurous road then takes you up to Stelvio Pass/Stilfser Joch. You’ll drive past the customs post at the start but stopping shortly thereafter to take a photo is a definite must. The view of the valley below descending toward Bornio is simply gorgeous. It’s then best to make a detour and briefly drive upward to the mountain pass of Stelvio. Don’t miss out on the bratwurst sausage in Stelvio under any circumstances. The tour then heads down the southern Stelvio Pass and turns off just before Bormio toward Livigno. The road then leads upward to the Passo del Foscagno, past Lago di Foscagno, another very nice stop to take a picture, before descending to Livigno. Then it’s time to fill up your tank at the duty-free. You can also purchase many other duty-free items here. It’s a perfect spot to take a longer break. Then it’s onward bound along the reservoir toward Switzerland/Zernez. Here you must pay the toll to drive through the tunnel to Zernez. You’ll then arrive back at Zernez and Hotel Baer & Post after a short drive.

Panorama tour

Zernez—Pontresina—Bernina Pass—Tirano—Stelvio—Prad—Ofen Pass—Zernez
Driving time: approx. 4 hr/196 km

The Panorama tour heads off from the hotel toward St. Moritz first. The first section of the road is surrounded by nature and then opens up on the plateau to an unhindered view of Upper Engadin with its passes on the left and right of the road. The road then continues to Pontresina/Tirano at the Punt Muragl roundabout. And onward and upward to the Bernina Pass. The UNESCO World Heritage RhB railway line Pontresina to Tirano regularly crosses the road here. There are many beautiful stopping points to take memorable photos along this stretch of the road. The restaurant at the Bernina Pass is located just below the mountain pass. This point offers a wonderful view of Lago Bianco and the railroad combined with a breathtaking mountain panorama. The tour then continues toward Tirano, passing Lago di Poschiavo, which is also worthing stopping at. The many cafés and restaurants in Tirano invite you to stop and linger. You then drive to Bormio, where the Stelvio Pass/Stilfser Joch (depending on which language you use) awaits. Countless hairpin bends then take you to the mountain pass. A large visitor parking lot is located on the right-hand side, where you can stretch your legs. The tour then takes many more turns down to Prad, where the turnoff to Schweiz/Müstair is located. From Müstair, the drive continues through Val Müstair upward to the Ofen Pass. Here, you can make a stop, take one last look down in Val Müstair, and take a final photo before returning to Zernez and Hotel Baer & Post.


What about three passes at once? Then drive to St. Moritz. From there, you set off on your first adventure over the Julier Pass. You then conquer the Abula Pass before finishing off with the Flüela Pass. Each of the passes offers unique sceneries and unforgettable driving moments.


This tour takes you to Italy via the Bernina Pass. Enjoy the drive over the Ofen and Reschen Passes before returning to Engadin after an eventful day.


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