The most beautiful hiking trails and tours

The high valley of the Upper Engadine with its varied 580-kilometer network of hiking trails is a true paradise for hiking. Along the different trails the archaic nature can be experienced – be it while walking along the sparkling lakes or on a multi-day trekking tour. When planning your hike, the interactive hiking map will help you.

MARGUNET (STABELCHOD P8 – IL FUORN), approx. 2 hours 40 minutes

The trail starts in the middle of the Ofenpass forests and leads through a jumble of upright, fallen, living, and dead trees. This is how a typical National Park looks like. Nature is left to itself. Each nature trail is equipped with information boards that provide interesting information throughout the hike.

Marmots are often seen on the Alp Stabelchod. Ascending you walk past the artificial eyrie, where 26 bearded vultures have been released so far. There you can enjoy alpine mats with alpine flora (e.g., gentian and edelweiss in June) that lead up to Margunet. At this point an overwhelming panoramic view on the National Park and the landscape formed by the glaciers of the last ice age is awaiting you.

Golden eagles and chamois, and sometimes even bearded vultures can be observed in the Margunet. Through the Val dal Botsch you will pass impressive scree slopes and rock formations and after that you will arrive back at the pass road. Shortly after crossing the stream called Fuorn the Hotel Il Fuorn can be reached.

MUNT LA SCHERA, approx. 4 hours 45 minutes from Buffalora

This tour belongs to the most beautiful ones in the Swiss National Park, leading through a steppe landscape which is very untypical for Switzerland. Starting from Buffalora, this varied and circular walk offers beautiful views towards Italy. The route winds its way through three different mountain ranges – the Ortles, Sesvenna, and Umbrail groups – with highlights such as the old mine tunnel above Buffalora, the streams at Munt Chavagl, or the view from Munt la Schera, where you can see the Italian National Park Stilfserjoch. Especially in early summer you can admire an impressive variety of alpine flowers. Even the very rare edelweiss flower grows on Munt la Schera in harsh quantity. Depending on your mood and condition, this hike can be undertaken with or without ascending the summit of Munt la Schera (2586m).

S-CHANF-VAL TRUPCHUN-S-CHANF, approx. 4 hours 10 minutes

The tour leads from S-chanf (1662m) from the Prasüras parking area (1677m) to the mountain trail through hilly terrain and a species-rich alpine forest. The forest includes typical Swiss stone pines, spruces, larches, and mountain pines.

Many marmot colonies are living there. The varied hiking trail leads to the rest area Val Mela. From there deer, chamois, and ibexes can be observed by eye, but even better with the binocular. Then the trail moves on to Alp Trupchun (2040m) with a special rest area to observe the flora and fauna.

The way back leads through the Val Trupchun along a rushing stream. At Alp Purcher, geological structures (eddies) impressively document alpine orogeny. The path leads back to the starting point by passing the Varusch parking hut (with sunny terrace).

Zernez-Chamanna Cluozza, approx. 3 hours 30 minutes

At the exit of Zernez a well-marked trail leads towards “Chamanna Cluozza”. You have to cross the river “Spöl” on a covered wooden bridge. Then the path leads slightly upwards through a light larch forest. Diverse viewpoints offer a good view on the Cluozza Canyon. Hint: Do not forget to watch and observe the animals of the rich wildlife at the Cluozza valley. Depending on the season you might even hear deer belling. The SAC hut Chamanna Cluozza (T. +41 81 856 12 35) can be reached quickly after the stream.

Chamanna Cluozza-Vallun Chafuol, approx. 3 hours 45 minutes
The ascent to the Murtersattel leads through beautiful pine forests. Ibexes and marmots can be observed there, as well as the famous dinosaur tracks on Piz dal Diavel on the rock face. The panorama on the Murtersattel is extraordinary. At this point a partly steep descent begins. The bridge at the Spöl Canyon can be reached shortly thereafter. A steep ascent leads to the bus stop Vallun Chafuol at the Ofenpass street.

Süsom Givé – Val S-charl, approx. 4 hours 50 minutes
The hike starts at the Ofenpass, opposite the Süsom Givé parking area. The trail is rising steadily up to the peak where you can enjoy a wonderful view on the Val Tamangur, Piz Amalia, and Piz Sesvenna which is the highest mountain of the local community Scuol. In a pleasant slope, the path leads in direction of Alp Astras. Along the valley you will pass two more beautiful alps, where the cows of Scuol enjoy their summer. The trail moves on to Tamangur and passes the beautiful and highest pine forest of Europe – God da Tamangur. Finally you can reach the mountain village S-charl.

Muottas Muragl – Alp Languard, approx. 2 hours 30 minutes
Starting point is the mountain station Muottas Muragl (2453m). The mountain path leads to the mountain station of the chairlift with the restaurant Alp Languard (2330m). Along the hike you will have an amazing view on the Bernina massif. On its way the mountain path also passes the restaurant Mun da la Bês–cha.

Lavin – Alp d’Immez – Guarda, approx. 5 hours
From Lavin a beautiful trail, which is part of the Via Engiadina, leads up to Alp d’Immez. On this mountain trail you will have a beautiful view over Guarda. In Guarda you have access to public transport.

Süsom Givé-Lü, approx. 4 hours
From the top of the Ofenpass (2149m above sea level) the trail is slightly ascending but very promising. The path passes Alp da Munt (2213m above sea level), Seelein Juata, and Alp Champatsch (2213m above sea level) which invites you to take a break. Trough the larch forests the path leads through a thematic path about bears down to the village of Lü (1920m above sea level) which is known for its rare and species-rich alpine flora. From Lü you can travel by public transport.

Guarda-Laj Blau-Chamanna Tuoi, approx. 5 hours 30 minutes
The trail starts in the center of Guarda and leads through Lajet and Alp Sura to Marangun. There you must climb to Lai Blau (2631m above sea level). At the mountain lake a small but well-marked trail leads to Chamanna Tuoi. The hut at the foot of Piz Buin can be found on 2250m above sea level.

Zernez-Lais da Macun-Lavin, approx. 8 hours 30 minutes
At the very beginning, the trail leads from the ref. churches of Zernez to Munt Baselgia. Thereby the trail passes a varied mountain forest. Then you must walk uphill on the road. There is also the possibility to take a taxi up to the tree line. The final climb requires concentration and surefootedness as the path leads over block debris and rock ledges. The beautiful view on the Macun Lakes, the Engadine, and the Ofenpass will make you forget the effort of climbing. The descent over the Fuorcletta da Barcli requires full concentration again. But as mentioned previously, the amazing view will let you forget all the effort. You can expect a magnificent flora including the glacier crow’s foot and the rarely and strictly protected Pygmy crow’s foot – a plant with yellow flowers which occurs only at this special area within the Switzerland. Suddenly you can see the Macun Lakes – on the marked relaxing area you can have a rest. After the break a steep descent down to Alp Zeznina follows. From the alp a nice path leads to Lavin or Susch.

Motta Naluns – Prui, approx. 40 minutes
Starting point for this short trail is the mountain station Motta Naluns. The path is slightly changing between up and down and ends at Prui. The route is about 2 kilometers long and 2000 meters above sea level. The trail is placed at the sunny side of the Lower Engadine and therefore offers a wonderful view over the valley and the Tyrolean mountains in the very east. The mountain restaurant with sun terrace in Prui invites you to relax. In addition, the mountain station of the chairlift is next to the restaurant. The chairlift goes down to Ftan.

Philosophers Way Muottas Muragl, depending on the variant about 45 minutes to about 3 hours

The three different circular routes on Muottas Muragl offer the opportunity to follow the footprints of important philosophers: A total of ten path markings with different wisdoms will inspire you to think and reflect. The philosophers paths are prepared on a daily basis. If you need a break, you can cuddle up and relax in a warm blanket on wooden benches.

Pontresina-Val Roseg-Pontresina, approx. 4 hours
At the train station Pontresina the trail to the gorgeous Val Roseg (alpine rest area) starts. At the first bridge you must cross the river and then follow it into the valley. The path passes crystal-clear and moss-enriched streams, avalanche trails where you can observe chamois, blueberry bushes, and original forests. On the bridge at the very end of the valley, you can see the snow-covered Sella Group and Roseg Glacier. At the Hotel/Restaurant Roseg Glacier you can make a break. Tip: Do not miss the unique dessert buffet. Strengthened and rested, the way back to Pontresina starts.

Val Roseg-Fuorcla Surlej-St. Moritz, approx. 6 hours
By feet or by horse-drawn carriage through the forest to the Hotel/Restaurant Roseg Glacier (1999m). From there you will hike over a rocky mountain path to the mountain hut Fuorcla Surlej (2755m), accompanied by the magnificent mountain scenery of the Bernina Group including Piz Bernina and Piz Roseg. From Fuorcla the trail passes the deep-blue lakes of the Upper Engadine, diverse rose and blueberry bushes, the restaurant Hahnensee, and finally ends at St. Moritz.

Morteratsch-Chamanna Boval-Morteratsch, approx. 4 hours 30 minutes
From the RhB station Morteratsch (1896m) a path (on the left side of the valley) leads over the Chünetta viewpoint (2083m) along the Morteratsch Glacier moraine, and finally passes a small rock in order to get to the Boval SAC hut (2610m). The descent follows the same way.

Bernina Hospiz-Lago Bianco – Alp Grüm-Cavaglia, approx. 3 hours
From Bernina Hospiz (2253m) a flat path leads along Lake Bianco to Alp Grüm (2210m). At this point you can enjoy the magnificent view on the Puschlav and Palü Glacier. A path leads down to Cavaglia (1693m) or even further to Poschiavo (1021m). Tips: – “Eco-path Cavaglia/Alp Grüm with ride in a tunnel” (reservation at RhB Pontresina, T. +41 81 288 53 36). – “Visit of the fascinating mills in Cavaglia”. Variant: Visit the Berghaus Sassal Mason with its typical stone houses “crot”. The descent to Alp Grüm is quite steep!

Sfazú- Lago Saoseo-Sfazú, approx. 5h
In Sfazú the path leads up the road. After the first climb, Buril is reached. Then, the path gently climbs up to the next settlements Salva, Mottacalva, Lungacqua, and Camp. At this point the paths forks – one leads to Lake Saosea and the other to Lake Val Viola, where you have a clear view on the opposite located Val Mera.

Through impressive landslide area the path leads down to the deep-blue Lake Saoseo. The descent to Lake Saoseo is short but deep. After walking through the mixed coniferous forest, including sprawling blueberry bushes and ferns, you will reach Terzana.

On pleasant trails along pastures you will reach the fork for Sfazú. There you must go down to the Campo stream and cross it. On the other side of the river, the path climbs up to Colonia Buril. The last 10 minutes to Sfazú you must walk along the road.

Sfazú-Lagh di Viola-Lagh Saoseo-Sfazú, approx. 3.5 hours, partly per bus
The tour starts very easy at Alp Camp with a walk through larch and pine forests. The attractive Lake Saoseo, which can be guessed from behind the trees, is on the right. After walking through alpine meadows you will reach the large rock basin of Piz Paradisin and Piz Cunfin. The landscape is changing constantly. Almost too fast, the Viola Pass (2432m) is reached. From there you have a nice view over Italy. Barely 20 kilometers away is Bormio. For the way back, you must follow another path that leads back to Val da Camp. After walking for some time you can admire the mysterious shining Lake Viola. 20 minutes later you are resting on its beach. The path moves on to Lake Saoseo with its crystal-clear water. The lake is one of the gems of the Swiss mountains. After the refreshing bath in the lake you may linger and enjoy the view on Piz Palü. Unfortunately, the timetable of the bus reminds you to leave.

Maloja-Marmitte dei Giganti-Casaccia-Roticcio-Durbegia-Soglio, approx. 6 hours
In Maloja on the left side of the post office, near the studio of Giovanni Segantini, the trail leads to the glacier mills «Marmitte dei Giganti» (German: pots of the giants) and the Belvedere Tower. Behind the tower, the path leads down to Bergell. You can discover old tracs of the Romans, who already used this transition. On the path through the forest and meadows you can catch a glimpse on the serpentines of the Malojapass road, the Bergell, or Piz Badile. After about 30 minutes you will reach the pass road, where there is a bus stop. Along the main road, past the ruins of the church of San Gaudenzio, the path continues to Casaccia. Long time ago, this village was a major trading center along the major trade routes. From Casaccia you cross beautiful flower meadows and the bridge of Maira. Following the river, after a one hour walk you will reach Roticcio, where you have a fantastic view on the whole valley and a village called Vicosoprano. The path then moves on to Durbegia. If you are lucky, the small kiosk is open where you can fortify yourself with a piece of chestnut cake. High above the valley, the path moves on to a small village called Soglio. The view on the Bergell granite mountains and the Bondaca Group becomes more and more overwhelming, until you finally arrive Soglio. The Palazzo Salis and the beautiful view from the small church should not be missed by visitors of Soglio.

National Park Museum and Visitor Center Zernez

National Park Museum:

Experiencing, learning and discovering, wondering and questioning, shaping: In the four exhibition rooms at the National Park Visitor Center in Zernez guests will approach the different themes of the National Park, its fauna and flora, its history, and the inexhaustible diversity of nature in a completely new way. The audio guide in five different languages helps you navigate through the exhibition. The discovery trail invites children to explore the experiential setting in their own way.

The offer summarized: Interactive and experience-oriented exhibition, audio guide in five different languages, discovery trail for children, seasonal temporary exhibitions, multimedia appearance of partner organizations, laser relief and information shop with a broad variety of products, National Park info desk, Tourist Information Zernez, text message service, rental of binoculars and digital hiking guides, and the arrangement of guided tours in the Swiss National Park.

Visitor Center:
At the Visitor Center you can find different information regarding different topics. Our staff at the information desk will be happy to give you further information on topics of interest and will help you planning your adventure at the Swiss National Park.

All information services regarding the Tourist Information Zernez are available at this point.

At the shop you will find hiking maps and a variety of other information resources. The shop also contains specialist literature and illustrated books, applied clothing, and souvenirs.

For further information (e.g., opening hours, prices), please see:

Family Indoor Swimming Pool, Zernez

Small but nice: The Family Indoor Swimming Pool Zernez shows its true size on a small scale: a warm welcome, clear offers, and pleasant prices. The Family Bath Zernez has the perfect offer for both children and adults. The 25-meter pool is highly appreciated by adults, whereas children commonly prefer having fun in the children’s area. For connoisseurs the outdoor pool with its lazy liver channel, bubble massage tables, standing spa baths, underwater massage jets, and splash showers offer pure relaxation. The water temperature is about 34 degrees in summer and winter. Excellent conditions to recover from a varied day.

Suspension Bridge Path Sent-Val Sinestra-Zuort-Vnà
The path leads over several suspension bridges from the art nouveau spa house Val Sinestra to the hamlet Vnà. The starting point is either at the well-preserved village called Sent or at the spa house Val Sinestra. Both starting points are easily reached by public transport. In Vnà, where the walk ends, several rest points are available. In addition, there is a bus stop at the eastern exist of Vnà.

Glacier garden, Cavaglia
Big, bigger, the biggest. The glacial mills of Cavaglia, also called «pots of the giants» have been designed by the Palü Glacier. For thousands of years, glacier water, debris, and gravel have changed the hard rock and grounded huge holes into the ground – an impressive natural phenomenon. Children can discover the glacier garden based on the story of “How Grummo became a giant”.

The access to the glacier mills is very easy: The Rhaetian railway station in Cavaglia is only a ten-minute walk away. The way is signaled.

Mini golf and table tennis, Zernez
The small but nice mini golf course with 9 lanes is a welcoming challenge for children but also adults. Moreover, you can find a table tennis in the sports center. The equipment can be rented at the cafeteria.

Sgraffito – do it yourself
Sgraffito is an old Italian scratching technique. Even today, this handicraft from the Renaissance is typical for the appearance of many houses in Graubünden and can be admired on the facades of old and new houses. In the village called Susch you have the opportunity to learn more about this technique and even make a small work of art under the guidance of Josin Neuhäusler. For registrations: Neuhäusler Josin, T. +41 81 862 28 88.

Climbing and bouldering, Serlas S-chanf
Climbing and bouldering in a unique environment – characterized by wood, glass, and the inspiring view on the mountain scenery. The about 450 square meters of climbing surface, and 120 square meters of bouldering space offer the right level of difficulty and training for everyone. The integrated climbing lounge invites you to relax. The entire climbing and bouldering areas are managed by “Go Vertical” from Pontresina, a professional team of motivated and highly trained mountain guides with their staff. If you do not have your climbing equipment with you, you can rent it directly on site. If you do not have a climbing partner – that’s not a problem at all – the climbing hall has two self-locking devices (TOPPAS) for climbing alone.

Bowling, Serlas S-chanf
There are four “Micro Bowling” lanes, each with 12 meters of track length. The lanes are equipped with professional and digital displays and provide exciting and funny games for groups up to 32 people.

For further information, please see:


Toboggan Run Muottas Muragl
20 bends, 4.2 kilometers in length, and 718 meters in altitude: These are the parameters that make adrenalin fans smile. It is the region’s fastest sledge track. The speeding experience on Muottas Muragl starts at the mountain station and leads through sugared pine and larch forests down to the valley – a fairy tale for both children and adults.

Toboggan Way Preda – Bergün
Graubünden has the longest illuminated toboggan run in Europe. The journey to the starting point of the toboggan run takes place with an imposing train ride to Preda. The route is very curvy and offers a beautiful view. The ride on the toboggan run passes under the railway line, where the next sledgers are already sitting. The good preparation of the toboggan run Bergün guarantees a safe descent. Sledding is also possible on the evening thanks to the qualified illumination of the track, which promises an unforgettable adventure. The toboggan run is located at the pass road between Preda and Bergün, which is closed during winter for the sledgers. Some sledgers love the adrenaline rush of speed, some others simply enjoy the descent. The toboggan run Bergün offers a fun trip for the whole family.

High Ropes Course Engadine, Sur En
This high ropes course between the Engadiner spruces, larches, and pines is the perfect location for big and small adventures. There you can experience the forest from a bird’s-eye view. 8 different courses over a total length of over 1000 meters ensure variety and fun for the whole family.

For further information, please see:

High Ropes Course, Pontresina
Balancing, rolling, bobbing, climbing, crawling, swinging, bouncing, jumping: The new high ropes course in Pontresina makes you move. The facility is located in the forest and offers playful challenges for children from the age of four. Rope bridges, zip lines, balance beams, and various obstacles guarantee variety and fun for everyone. Children under the age of 13 are only allowed to enter the playground when accompanied by adults. All amateur climbers are instructed by experts, equipped with safety equipment, and examined on the test track. Those who pass the test are allowed to start the big adventure.

For further information, please see: Google: High Ropes Course Pontresina

Scooter Motta Naluns, Scuol
Rent a scooter at the mountain station Motta Naluns and experience a varied and rapid descent down to the valley. The 10 kilometers long trail passes Prui and the picturesque village called Ftan to Scuol. Whether as a family or group, fun and adventure are guaranteed.

Downhill Scooter Marguns, Celerina
For those who want to experience nature in a fast-paced way the downhill scooters are the perfect choice. They are maneuverable, fast, and one of the most exciting ways to enjoy the demanding nature road from the mountain station Marguns (2273m) down to Celerina. On the partly steep terrain, the trail passes blooming alpine meadows. Hint: Step on the brakes within the forest and take a deep breath because the smell of the air equals a perfume. Not suitable for children under 1.20m height.

Inline skating, Samedan and La Punt
The first trail runs for 5.1 kilometers around the Samedan airport, the second one from La Punt to S-chanf. Thanks to their easy route without significant up and downhills both trails are suitable for experienced and not so experienced roller skaters. The two official inline skating trails offer excellent conditions for speed skaters as well as for families. Both trails enjoy excellent reputation as altitude training routes for roller skaters. Wardrobe and showers are available in the center «Sur En» in Zuoz.

River Ranch Engadine, Madulain
The River Ranch Engadine in Madulain offers various rides through the Engadine mountains. Whether short rips, day trips, multiple-day tours, riding lessons, or carriage rides – there is something included for everyone. On the good-natured and sure-footed horses, visitors are guided through the inspiring Engadine. The River Ranch Engadine also offers something suitable for gourmets. Whether home-grown organic Angus beef, homemade delicacies such as jams or syrups, Alp cheese, or ice cream – a visit to the farm shop is always worthwhile.

For further information, please see:

Riding Stable und Saloon San Jon, Scuol

The Saloon:

Soft country music, peaceful grazing horses, and first attempts at riding in the quadrangle. The Saloon San Jon is characterized by a cozy western idyll, where the hustle and bustle can be observed around the stable. In our restaurant you will find various specialties from the region such as Capuns, Bündner barly soup, or Biera Engiadinaisa, but also other delicacies that are lovely prepared every day.

The Riding Stable:
The Riding Stable San Jon makes the heart of horse friends beat faster. The offer includes on-week youth riding camps, western riding lessons, and riding lessons to hourly or full-day trekking.

For further information, please see:

Casino, St. Moritz
Why not to try your luck at the highest casino in Switzerland (1850m above sea level) like James Bond in «Casino Royale» did? Tethered to the legendary Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, the small but fine Casino St. Moritz is a must for gambling lovers.

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Engadine Golf Club, Samedan and Zuoz-Madulain
110 years of age difference lie between the grandfather Samedan and its grandson Zuoz-Madulain. The Samedan square with its classy layout, is about 10 kilometers from Zuoz-Madulain away and heavily exposed to the Maloja wind. Compared to Samedan, its alpine topography demands a complete and strategically variable golf game, which is defined by open and flat terrain with many water courses and of course wind. According to golf guides like the Peugeot Golf Guide, both courses guarantee an unforgettable golfing experience. The oldest golf tournament in Switzerland still takes place in Samedan as part of the ASG Order of Merit.

For further information, please see:

Golf Club Vulpera, Vulpera
The well-maintained 9-hole golf course is nestled in the idyllic and sunlit alpine nature of Vulpera. In a relaxed atmosphere, far away from everyday stress, you can experience the golf sport. Whether golfers or not, whether young or old – our golf club offers various activities to get to know and experience the golf sport. For example, we offer free taster courses, attractive course rate offers, and both private and group lessons.

For further information, please see:

Alpine Brewery GIRUN – Brewing art up close, Tschlin

High up in Tschlin, the «Geyer» circles around the tools of brewing. The participants will follow the instructions of the master brewer and learn interesting facts about hops, yeast, water, and malt. The beer tasting with panoramic view is the highlight of the tour.

Number of participants: min. 4 to max. 20 people

Registration until Tuesday 05:00 pm at the Tourist Information Scuol, T. +41 81 861 88 00

Cheese dairy visit with tasting, Tschlin
A visit to the specialty cheese dairy which produces local cow-, goat-, and sheep’s milk cheese. Afterwards a tasting of different cheese variations is part of the program.

Number of participants: min. 6 to max. 20 people

Registration until Tuesday 05:00 pm at the Tourist Information Scuol, T. +41 81 861 88 00

Alp Cheese Dairy, Morteratsch
Half a century later, after the last cheese left Alp Nova, the cheese dairy in Pontresina is still producing cheese again. In the Alp Cheese Dairy in Morteratsch, cheese lovers will get insights into the traditional way of cheese making. If you want to take part at the Alp Brunch, you should register the evening before latest. The Alp Cheese Diary in Morteratsch is open from the beginning of July up to the beginning of October, from 09.00 am to 05:00 pm. It is located next to the train station in Morteratsch, about 5 kilometers away from Pontresina.

For further information, please see:

Bacharia Alpina – The alpine meat craft

The Bacharia Alpina is open from mid-June to the end of December, every Tuesday evening. A journey of discovery into the centuries-old alpine dry-goods craft. The tasting of “Bündner” meat and deer meat in combination with a glass of wine in the «laboratori dal gust» is the highlight of each visit. Afterwards participants have the possibility to visit the rock cellar where they will learn how to mature meat in the cellar.

Number of participants: min. 6 to max. 10 people

Engadine Mission, St. Moritz
The Engadine Mission is the newest adventure for young and old. Whether as a family, couple, group, or a corporate event – experience the ultimate leisure experience in and around St. Moritz!

Equipped with a backpack, you will start the first task. Are you smart enough? Can you solve tricky puzzles to find your goal? Are you better than your competitor?

Within the expert mission you will explore St. Moritz from a completely different perspective. All you need is your brain.

At the beginning we will meet at the restaurant Hauser. There you will get all the required information and start the mission with a hot drink in the group. The perfect mission for people who want to discover St. Moritz from a new perspective.

After that you must search the final goal by yourself. We are awaiting you at the finish line and you will get a diploma from us.

Warm clothing is essential as everything takes place outside.

Legend of the golden BOB
You can choose between two games within the exciting story of the golden bob. Both focus on unleashing the tricky puzzles and hidden codes to get one step closer to the goal. The adventure trail passes the secret spots around the terrain of the Olympic Bob Run in St. Moritz. The adventurous walk in the fresh air is suitable for 2 to 20 people over the age of ten. Dogs are welcome too. The adventure trail takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

A second puzzle can be solved in the adventure room. The game is suitable for 2 to 6 people over the age of ten. The game mainly takes place in the target house of the Olympic Bob Run, but partly also outdoors. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Windsurfing, Silvaplana
The unique location of the windsurfing school in Silvaplana is known for its daily brisk thermal wind. That’s why Lake Silvaplana has become a mecca for windsurfing many years ago. The windsurfing school in Silvaplana is one of the most famous windsurfing schools worldwide.

A unique service is awaiting you. While you are changing your clothes, your gear is already on the water. We are pleased to provide your personal settings for the boom, trapeze, foot straps, etc. and if you are not sure we will gladly advise you on the pitch.

The shop provides you with everything you need – a various selection of the latest boards and rigs which we can also order for you. In our shop you will find all the required accessories.

For further information, please see:

Have a look behind the scenes of the Mineral Bath Bogn Engiadina. It is open from 01.01.2018 to the 31.12.2019, every Tuesday from 04:00 pm to 05:30 pm.

Participants will learn interesting facts about the history of the mineral batch and the technical equipment on site.

Helicopter flights

Up in the air and enjoy the beautiful Engadine from the helicopter. Whether you would like to fly around the Bernina massif or somewhere else – it is you who chooses the route.

For further information, please see:

Paragliding passenger flights

The adrenalin level rises while the pilot calmly prepares everything for the start. Only a little later, the paraglider is floating high above the Engadine. A normal physical condition and a body weight between 30 and 110kg are required for the flight. Depending on the weather and season, it is possible to start from Muottas Muragl, Alp Languard, Diavolezza, Corvatsch, or from a different starting point at the adjacent valleys.

For further information, please see:

Carriage rides
A carriage ride to the Stazerwald or Val Roseg is for sure not only an experience for romantic lovers. Meeting point is at the train station in Pontresina.

Train adventures

Bernina Express
In the modern panoramic car you will pass the UNESCO World Heritage RhB, the imposing glacier world of the Bernina massif, and the sun-drenched Valposchiavo. The adventure ends at Poschiavo or Tirano.

Bernina Glacier
The Bernina Glacier stands for eternal ice. At the mountain station Diavolezza (in the middle of the Bernina massif) you can enjoy an extraordinary view on the mountain scenery all around.

Bernina panorama winter
Travel with a special view through the UNESCO World Heritage RhB. For a small extra charge, you will take a seat in our comfortable panoramic coach and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view over St. Moritz and Tirano.


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