Theme and adventure trails


The easy walk along the children’s trail Champlönch is one of the highlights for children in the Swiss National Park. The virtual hiking guide leads through the beautiful region and provides interesting information about the history, animals, and work of park guards.

An ideal hike for families, even with small children. Follow the footprints of the Säumer along the former connection road of Zernez. At the end of the walk the sun terrace at the National Park Hotel Il Fuorn is awaiting you.


Watching ibexes is not that easy. If you want to see the «king of the alps» in the wild, you must ascend to higher regions. There you can see the animals from the trail from time to time. When staying overnight at a hut, chances increase to meet those animals because ibexes often come very close to the huts to lick the salt prepared by the hut wardens.

This is a bit different in Pontresina, especially in spring. When the snow is still up to the tree line, the ibexes often come down near the village to eat fresh grass. That is exactly where the adventure world starts: The first step is the Ibex Promenade near the village. The walk starts at the church of Santa Maria, is about 1 kilometer long, and suitable for prams.

Along the way, on seven different stations, families will gain more information about the life of ibexes. With the chairlift you get higher to Alp Languard. The Ibex Gallery is located there and tells the story of the extermination and reintroduction of the ibex. In the ibex playground children can compete against the «king of the alps».


Starting point of this unique theme path is the train station Morteratsch. The trail ends at the Glacier Morteratsch after about one hour walk. The path is suitable for prams. Along the way you will pass different stations that illustrate the decline of the glacier – texts on information boards tell entertaining stories about the weather, climate, and glaciology, as well as about the tourism and cultural history of Pontresina. On the way back you can choose a different route in order to pass the viewpoint Chünetta.

Families with children can hike with the glacier spirit «Sabi». The children’s book «Sabi» is an adventure tour for children between 5 and 12 years old. The children get a booklet that visually tells the story. The book also includes different tasks that can be solved by the children during the glacier path. At the very end of the tour, the booklet with all solutions can be shown by the Tourist Information and as reward children will receive a little surprise. The booklets are available at the Tourist Information Pontresina, in most of the hotels in Pontresina, at the Camping Morteratsch, and at the Alp Cheese Dairy in Pontresina.

Schellen Ursli Way, Guarda
This new designed theme trail is located above the “Schellen-Ursli-Village“ called Guarda. It was reopened in summer 2017. The route leads from Guarda to Plan dal Növ, Glüs, Lajet, and back to Guarda again. The journey focuses on highlights such as the distribution of bells, the adventurous ascent to the Maiensäss, or the joyful bell procession “Chalandamarz“. Thereby, the experience is always in focus. To let the imagination of visitors a lot of freedom, only parts of the story are told.

Flurina Way, Prui – Motta Naluns
The adventure trail (131 meters up and down) leads from Prui to Motta Naluns. The chairlift takes you from Ftan to the starting point of the theme trail. Along the panorama trail the story of “Flurina and the wild little bird” is illustrated and told. The walk is easy and suitable for prams. On the trail there is a barbecue area where you can have picnic or barbecue. Benches are available at regular intervals. The trail ends at the mountain station/mountain restaurant Motta Naluns. You can go down to Scuol by the chairlift or scooter.

Bear Theme Way – “senda da l’uors“
The adventure trail starts at the Ravitschana bridge next to the bus station. It passes the stream Clemgia, typical spruce, pine, and larch forests, and the Bear and Mining Museum Schmelzra. Along the way you will pass nine different boards with information and games about the bear. These boards playfully convey information about the life of the bear and the cohabitation between bear and human. At the end of the path there is a barbecue area.

Waterway “to the six Lejins“, Furtschellas
In the summer sun they sparkle like dazzling sequins on a dress: On Furtschellas (2313m above sea level) six little mountain lakes delight and reflect the sky. The waterway connects one lake with another and takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The way starts and ends at the mountain station. The view sweeps over the lake plateau, deep down to the valley and up to the rocky flanks of the Corvatsch massif. Numerous relaxing areas invite you to linger and enjoy the extraordinary mountain scenery. At the Lejin Rhodonit (near the Osteria Rabgiusa – closed in summer), our guests have access to a fire pit with wood and metal grill. Fine sausages or cervelats can be bought at the mountain restaurant La Chüdera. If you do not want to care for the food by yourself, you will find delicious Bündner specialties in the restaurant La Chüdera. The restaurant also has a spacious terrace. The new hiking pass for families: On the way with the mountain fairy «Herzeleide» and the goblin «Naseweis». The water trail for little explorers – the colorful game and fun magazine “Plitsch and Splash” – and an exciting story accompany the children.

Expedition to the land of extremes
The interactive route “Expedition to the land of extremes” takes you to the unique glacier forefield of the Porchabella Glacier at the foot of Piz Kesch. On your way you can discover the life in the stone desert! An archaeologist, a glacier surveyor, and a connoisseur of Swiss glacier forefields will show you some interesting details and inspire you to think and act.

On the round trip to the glacier forefield of the Porchabella Glacier, at 16 different locations, you will be informed via vibration of your smartphone where information texts, pictures, audio contributions, and videos about the glacier exist.

Smuggler’s Path, Maloja
The “Percorso dei Contrabbandieri – Capel, Maloja” stretches over an approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes hike from Maloja to the south. Through a charming larch forest you reach the Lägh da Bitabergh, where the smuggler’s path ends and the idyllic mountain lake invites you to rest and linger. On the way, 17 different information stations offer you exciting information about the life and work of smugglers. While you were looking for hidden smuggler treasures you will learn how to locate and orientate in nature. This learning process is combined with a lot of exercise but also fun. The information boards provide you with interesting facts about the smuggler’s existence and anecdotes from their life. They also teach you “vital” clues, such as first aid recipes from the outdoor. For one and a half centuries (from the beginning of the 19th century until mid of the 20th century) smuggling was an important source of income for the population, especially in Bergell and the Engadine. A wide range of goods, particularly food and beverages, had been smuggled in the past. This made it possible to do good business and to make life more pleasant in the formerly barren mountain valleys.

Heidis Flower Path, Salastrains, St. Moritz
Look, wonder, and walk: On the approx. 2 kilometer-long theme trail, between Chantarella and Salastrains, you will be highly impressed. About 200 different plant species, mostly protected, are designed and grouped to pretty flower islands. Each flower is numbered – the brochure at the tourist information (free of charge) provides you with all the required information.

Schellenursli Path, Salastrains, St. Moritz
The history of Schellenursli is still one of the most popular ones in Switzerland. The story plays in Guarda in the Lower Engadine, but the custom is known all over the Engadine: On the annual «Chalandamarz», winter gets stopped with loud bell ringing. The Schellenursli Path leads from Salastrains to St. Moritz Dorf and tells the story of the Schellenursli with pictures and wooden sculptures. Along the way you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

Philosophers Way, Muottas Muragl

The three different circular routes on Muottas Muragl offer the opportunity to follow the footprints of important philosophers: A total of ten trail markers with wisdoms inspire you to think and reflect. The philosophers paths are prepared on a daily basis. If you need a break, you can cuddle up and relax in a warm blanket on wooden benches.

Ricola Herbs Garden, Pontresina
Start the day gently, relax, and breathe in the fresh mountain air. This family-friendly and relaxed tour has its start at the Ricola Herbs Garden at the entrance of the Rosegtal. Afterwards a walk through the Taiswald is highly recommended. At the entrance of the Rosegtal the circular designed Ricola Herbs Garden gains high attention. The garden is home to 13 different herbs that are included in every Ricola herb candy. The garden provides you with interesting information about herbs and Ricola. Nature is the best medicine – people have been using the most diverse plants for centuries to treat diseases and other complaints. See, feel, smell, and enjoy the power of plants. Enjoy home intense fragrance experiences and new ideas for dealing with herbs. At the end you can test your newly acquired knowledge and win attractive prices. The garden is open all year long, but especially between May and September it is worth a visit. The garden is next to the park area Rusellay, only a short walk from the center of Pontresina. On a slightly ascending path you can walk through the Taiswald. At the concert place, you can hear symphony orchestras and birds playing.

Glacier garden, Cavaglia
Big, bigger, the biggest. The glacial mills of Cavaglia, also called «pots of the giants» have been designed by the Palü Glacier. For thousands of years, glacier water, debris, and gravel have changed the hard rock and grounded huge holes into the ground – an impressive natural phenomenon. Children can discover the glacier garden based on the story of “How Grummo became a giant”.

The access to the glacier mills is very easy: The Rhaetian railway station in Cavaglia is only a ten-minute walk away. The way is signaled.

Barefoot trails, Celerina
Barefoot over fields and water; a discovery and sensory trip at the Stazerwald; or a regenerating walk with the whole family. All this and much more can be experienced along the new barefoot trails in Celerina. Barefoot trails are particularly suitable for hikers who want to experience nature without shoes. This has different advantages: Walking barefoot circulates your feet and has a positive effect on your own well-being. The cardiovascular system gets refreshed, the vitality gets strengthened, and the body’s defenses get activated. Moreover, if the Engadine landscape makes your heart beat faster, the overall experience is perfect. The new barefoot trails lead through the beautiful nature around Celerina with the beautiful Stazerwald as a highlight. An experience that awakens all senses.

The barefoot trails are suitable for adults and families with children. The underground of the trails varies between water, fields, and forest paths. Inspiration seekers can discover the trails on their own; couples can find time and enjoyment in pairs; and groups can promote their team spirit. No matter how you would like to walk through the barefoot trails – the different sensations will make you feel good.

Entering the barefoot trails is on everyone’s own responsibility. It is recommended to take shoes with you.

Mili Weber Way

Since the anniversary in 2017, it is possible to follow the footprints of Mili Weber: The circular trail leads along Lake St. Moritz and Meierei up to the museum. Eight different stations during the walk highlight different facets of Mili Weber’s life and work.

Fairy Tale Path, Val Bever
This path enjoys cult status among small, big, and even grown-up «children»: The fairy tale path from Bever to Spinas leads up the river (on the right side of the valley) and stops at six stations. Huge sculptures made by local artists illustrate stories written by Engadine authors and can be looked up in large-format fairy tale books at the rest areas. The witty experience is available in five languages as a handy book to buy – so you can take your favorite fairy tale home.

Nature Path La Senda, Samedan
In the village center near the medieval residential tower «La Tuor» the nature trail La Senda starts. At the catholic church further west, behind the valley station of the cable car, you will reach the actual starting point of the trail. After a few meters walk you pass the terraced fields, where many years ago grain had been grown. These agricultural areas belong to the oldest ones in Switzerland. Next, the comfortable nature trail passes beautiful meadows. Shortly after the fork in direction Peidra Grossa you will discover a walkable bird’s nest. Along the narrow trail up to the fork Alp Muntatsch, interesting facts about special animals, flowers, landscape gardeners, protective forests, and avalanches are taught. Shortly after you will reach a coupled swing where you can exchange energy. Arrived at the binoculars, you must enjoy the view of the plain. Surprising insights into topics such as permafrost and floods are offered. Then you follow the forest path down to the village. Get inspired by the Rhaeto-Romanic language, by legends and fairy tales, by birds and bees, and many other vital workers of nature. Walking time is about 2 hours and 30 minutes, but you can stop and start the tour anywhere.

Forest Nature Path Las Agnas, Bever

At the exit of the village, next to the Hotel Chesa Salis, you walk along the old road towards La Punt and from Las Agnas on you follow the signs. On the one hand you will learn exciting facts about the plants and animals there, and on the other hand you will learn some interesting facts about the history of Bever.

Forest Nature Path La Punt – Madulain
34 different plant species, trees, and bushes can be discovered along the Forest Nature Path La Punt – Madulain. Each plant is marked with wooden posts and small, green name tags. But not only that! The wildlife of the Engadine can also be discovered along the nature path. 11 large wooden figures have been designed by artists and set up along the nature path. 9 out of those 11 figures represent native species of wild animals.

Character of the path: The nature path is suitable for average-trained hikers and children. The way is not suitable for prams. The path can be committed in both directions. On the way a picnic area with a fountain is situated.

Climate Audio Path, Scuol
Audio tour with three different stories based on the topics: mineral water, village history, and climate for the whole family.

The myclimate audio adventure in Scuol is an interactive listening experience for the whole family. You have your own personal guide in mind – decide which of the three stories you are interested in and learn more about the mineral water, history, and climate of Scuol. The stories are told by actress Tonia Maria Zindel.

  • Carbon dioxide and “Quelltuff”
  • Aita Caviezel and the ring of Nairs (from 10 Jahren)
    • Bigna, Gian Fadri and the forgetful capercaillie (from 5 Jahren)

Adventure and culture trail „Puntins Ots Uina“

On old mule tracks, the adventure and culture trail «Puntins Ots Uina» leads through the Val d’Uina. It is characterized by attractive climbing passages (equipment rental on site) and its historical background. The starting point Puntins Ots Uina is accessible via the forest road in the direction of Uina Dadaint. In addition to the spectacular trail on the historic main roads of Val d’Uina, the circular trail offers exciting information on historical events. The trail is steep and partly exposed.

Individual inspection: Equipment can be rented at the Rope Park Sur En.

A la riva dal Rom, Val Müstair
The water determines the way. The hiking trail «A la riva dal Rom» is a pleasure four young and old: easy to cope with many rest stops, two playgrounds with fireplaces directly next to the water (in Valchava and Müstair), and several restaurants in the villages near the trail.

The theme trail starts above Tschierv and leads along the “Rom” stream to Müstair. A corresponding information brochure makes the trail a themed trail. The brochure is handy, richly illustrated, and contains a hiking map with detailed directions. The main topics are flora, fauna, culture, and the eventful history of Rome.

The trail between Tschierv and Fuldera and between the clubhouse and the school building in Müstair are also suitable for prams.

Raselli Tea Culture

The Raselli family has always farmed in Le Prese. Quality and naturalness have always been important to them, and since 1993 the farm has also been certified with the organic label “Bud”. Where no chemistry is used, handicraft is required. When weeding weeds everyone must help, because weed killer or chemical fertilizer are taboo on the Raselli farm. The company employs between five and ten employees, depending on the season. One of the most important customers of the herbal farmer is the candy manufacturer Ricola (for 30 years now). The organic products of the farm are also delivered to numerous wholesalers and retailers or further processed in the in-house Erboristeria.

For further information, please see:

Mineral Waterway, Scuol

In the Scuol-Tarasp-Sent region, on a stretch of only six kilometers, on both sides of the Inn over twenty mineral springs arise from. Some of them can be discovered on a leisurely hike along the Inn. The tour is easy to shorten and extend. The characteristics of most of the springs are described in detail on signs. Moreover, a flyer is available at the guest information in Scuol.


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